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12_pdfsam_1 - • When a command is entered that doesn’t...

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Unformatted text preview: • When a command is entered that doesn’t meet the command rules, an error message is displayed. The corrected command can then be entered. • Use of this environment doesn’t require the compile-link/load-execution process described above for high-level languages. While this interactive, line-by-line execution of Matlab commands is convenient for simple com- putational tasks, a process of preparation and execution of programs called scripts is employed for more complicated computational tasks: • A script is list of Matlab commands, prepared with a text editor. • Matlab executes a script by reading a command from the script file, executing it, and then repeating the process on the next command in the script file. • Errors in the syntax of a command are detected when Matlab attempts to execute the command. A syntax error message is displayed and execution of the script is halted....
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