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>> items = screws + bolts + rivets items = 94 Command reuse and editing Commands can be reused and editted using the following operations: Press the up arrow cursor key ( ) to scrolls backward through previous commands. Press Enter to execute the selected command. The down arrow cursor key ( ) scrolls forward through commands The left ( )andr igh ta r row( ) cursor keys move within a command at the Matlab prompt, allowing the command to be edited. The mouse can also be used to reposition the command cursor, by positioning the mouse cursor and pressing the left mouse button. Other standard editing keys, such as delete Del , backspace BkSp , home Home ,andend End , perform their commonly assigned tasks. Once a scrolled or edited command is acceptable, pressing Enter with the cursor anywhere in the command tells Matlab to process it. Escape key Esc erases the current command at the prompt. Windows copy and paste operations:
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Unformatted text preview: the text to be highlighted, press the left mouse button, and drag the mouse cursor through the text, releasing the mouse button when you reach the end of the text to be copied. The selected, or highlighted, text will appear as white text on black background instead of the reverse. In Unix, the highlighted text is automatically copied (stored internally). In MS Windows, the highlighted text is copied by pulling down the Edit menu and selecting Copy (or typing Ctrl+C). • Paste: To paste the copied text in Unix, move the mouse cursor to the desired location, press the middle mouse button, and the text will be pasted into the window. In MS Windows, reposition the cursor, pull down the Edit menu and select Paste (or type Ctrl+V). Punctuation and Comments • Semicolon ( ; ) at the end of a command suppresses the display of the result 23...
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