10_pdfsam_1 - • Language is closely tied to the hardware design • Machine specific machine language for one computer is different from that

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Unformatted text preview: • Language is closely tied to the hardware design. • Machine specific: machine language for one computer is different from that of a computer having a different hardware design. Assembly language: • Also unique to a specific computer design. • Commands or instructions are written in text statements instead of numbers. • Assembly language programming requires good knowledge of the specific computer hardware. This is a tedious process, but it results in programs that are very fast, because they take advantage of the specific computer hardware. • System software called an assembler translates the assembly language program to a machine language program for execution on the hardware. High-level languages: • Have English-like command syntax. • Include languages such as Basic, Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, Ada, C, C++, and Java. • Supported on many computer designs and knowledge of the specific hardware is not as critical in writing a program. • System software called a compiler translates the program into machine language. Compilation Process: • Original program is called the source program • Translated machine language program is called the object program. • Errors detected by the compiler (called compile errors or syntax errors) must be corrected and compilation performed again. • The process of compiling, correcting errors (or debugging) must often be repeated several times before the program compiles without compile errors. Execution Process: • To prepare the object program for execution, system software is applied to link other machine language statements to the object program and then load the program into memory. • The program is executed and new errors, called execution errors, run-time errors or logic errors (also called bugs) may be identified. 10 ...
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