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0 50 100 150 0 10 20 30 Distance (ft) Height (ft) Flight Trajectory Figure 1.2: Matlab generated plot of flight trajectory 1.2.1 Programming Style Programs that are not documented internally, while they may do what is request, can be difficult to understand when read a few months later, in order to correct or update them. Thus, it is extremely important to develop the art of writing programs that are well structured, with all of the logic clearly described. This is known as programming style . Elements of good programming style include: Use comments liberally, both at the beginning of a script, to describe briefly what it does and any special methods that may have been used, and also throughout the script to introduce
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Unformatted text preview: di±erent logical sections. • Describe each variable briefly in a comment when it is initialized. • Separate sections of code with blank lines. • Indent multiple line structures to make them stand out as a logical unit. • Use spaces in expressions to make them more readable (for example, on either side of operators and equal signs). 1.3 Computing Software Before discussing Matlab in more detail, a brief discussion on computing software is useful. Computer software contains the instructions or commands that the computer is to execute. Cate-gories include: • System software • Languages • Tools System Software Computer system software provides: 8...
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