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>> x=2 x= 2 >> y=x+5 y= 7 If you have not supplied a value for x , Matlab will return a syntax error: >> y=x+5 ??? Undefined function or variable ’x’. Precedence of operations involving variables Consider the computation of the area of a trapezoid whose parallel sides are of length b 1 and b 2 and whose height is h : A = ( b 1 + b 2 ) h 2 Matlab statement: area = 0.5*(base_1 + base_2)*height; Deleting the parentheses: area = 0.5*base_1 + base_2*height; This would compute A = b 1 2 + b 2 h
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Unformatted text preview: The incorrect result would be computed, but there would be no error messages, as the command has been written in correct Matlab syntax. Style: writing arithmetic expressions • Use parentheses often Consider the equation to convert from temperature in Fahrenheit ( T F ) to temperature in Celsius ( T C ): T C = 5 9 ( T F − 32) This is computed correctly by the Matlab command: TC = 5/9*(TF-32) 20...
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