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Words following percent signs (%) are comments to help in reading the Matlab state- ments. A word on the left of an equals sign is known as a variable name and it will be assigned to the value or values on the right of the equals sign. Commands having this form are known as assignment statements . If a Matlab command assigns or computes a value, it will display the value on the screen if the statement does not end with a semicolon (;). Thus, the values of v , g ,and theta will not be displayed. The values of tg and xg will be computed and displayed, because the statements that computes these values does not end with a semicolon. The three dots (. ..) at the end of a line mean that the statement continues on the next line. More than one statement can be entered on the same line if the statements are separated by commas. The statement t = linspace(0,tg,256); creates a vector of length 256.
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