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Mathematical construct that has a value or set of values. Constructed from numbers, operators, and variables. Value of an expression found by typing the expression and pressing Enter 2.2.1 Numbers Matlab represents numbers in two form, Fxed point and floating point. Fixed point: Decimal form, with an optional decimal point. ±or example: 2.6349 -381 0.00023 Floating point: ScientiFc notation, representing m × 10 e ±or example: 2 . 6349 × 10 5 is represented as 2.6349e5 It is called floating point because the decimal point is allowed to move. The number has two parts: mantissa m : Fxed point number (signed or unsigned), with an optional decimal point ( 2.6349 in the example above) exponent e : an integer exponent (signed or unsigned) ( 5 in the example).
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Unformatted text preview: • Mantissa and exponent must be separated by the letter e (or E ). ScientiFc notation is used when the numbers are very small or very large. ±or example, it is easier to represent 0.000000001 as 1e-9 . 2.2.2 Operators The evaluation of expressions is achieved with arithmetic operators , shown in the table below. Operators operate on operands ( a and b in the table). Operation Algebraic form Matlab Example Addition a + b a + b ±+3 Subtraction a − b a - b 23-12 Multiplication a × b a * b 3.14*0.85 Right division a ÷ b a / b 56/8 Left division b ÷ a a \ b 8\56 Exponentiation a b a ^ b ±^2 Examples of expressions constructed from numbers and operators, processed by Matlab : >> 3 + 4 16...
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