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3_pdfsam_1 - Develop an algorithm or step-by-step method of...

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Develop an algorithm, or step-by-step method of evaluating the equations involved in the solution. Describe the algorithm in mathematical terms and then implement as a computer program. Carefully review the proposed solution, with thought given to alternative approaches. 4. Implementation of Computational Method: Once a computational method has been identified, the next step is to carry out the method with a computer, whether human or silicon. Some things to consider in this implementation: Assess the computational power needed, as an acceptable implementation may be hand cal- culation with a pocket calculator. If a computer program is required, a variety of programming languages, each with different properties, are available. A variety of computers, ranging from the most basic home computers to the fastest parallel supercomputers, are available. The ability to choose the proper combination of programming language and computer, and
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