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Graphics (Figure) window Display plots and graphs Created in response to graphics commands M-fle editor/debugger window Create and edit scripts o± commands called M-fles When you begin Matlab , the command window will be the active window. As commands are executed, appropriate windows will automatically appear; you can activate a window by clicking the mouse in it. Getting Help help – On-line help, display text at command line help , by itsel±, lists all help topics help topic provides help ±or the specifed topic help command provides help ±or the specifed command help help provides in±ormation on use o± the help command helpwin – On-line help, separate window ±or navigation. helpdesk – Comprehensive hypertext documentation and troubleshooting demo – Run demonstrations intro – Interactive introduction to
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Unformatted text preview: Matlab Interrupting and Terminating Matlab • Ctrl-C (pressing the Ctrl and c keys simultaneously): Interrupts (aborts) processing, but does not terminate Matlab . You may want to interrupt Matlab i± you mistakenly command it to display thousands o± results and you wish to stop the time-consuming display. • quit : Terminates Matlab • exit : Terminates Matlab • Select Exit under File menu: Terminates Matlab (MS Windows) 2.2 Scalar Mathematics Scalar mathematics involves operations on single-valued variables. Matlab provides support ±or scalar mathematics similar to that provided by a calculator. For more in±ormation, type help ops . The most basic Matlab command is the mathematical expression , which has the ±ollowing prop-erties: 15...
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