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Section 2 Matlab Technical Computing Environment Matlab provides a technical computing environment designed to support the implementation of computational tasks. Briefly, Matlab is an interactive computing environment that enables numerical com- putation and data visualization. Matlab has hundreds of built-in functions and can be used to solve problems ranging from the very simple to the sophisticated and complex. Whether you want to do some simple numerical or statistical calculations, some complex statistics, solve simultaneous equations, make a graph, or run and entire simulation program, Matlab can be an eFective tool.
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Unformatted text preview: Matlab has proven to be extraordinarily versatile and capable in its ability to help solve problems in applied math, physics, chemistry, engineering, ±nance – almost any application area that deals with complex numerical calculations. 2.1 Workspace, Windows, and Help Running Matlab • Unix: ²rom a terminal window, type matlab , followed by the Enter key • Win95: double-click on the Matlab icon or select Matlab from Start/Programs Display Windows • Command window Enter commands and data, display results Prompt >> or EDU >> 14...
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