Afterbirth Lecture - -Always sterile-Always ready to drink...

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Afterbirth March 20, 2008 Six Week Check Up For Mom: Physical Contraception – will not use hormonal methods Sex Weight – should be back to pre-pregnancy weight Skin Menstrual Periods – will have period after 6 week. Breastfeeding colostrums – white stuff inside mom’s breasts Dolly Parton – the swelling of breast because there’s plenty of milk Drink at least 8 oz after breastfeeding Sore nipples “breast is best” - Antibodies protect babies from infections - Fewer illnesses - Less colic (no tummy ache) - Less spitting up - Fewer ear and digestive infections - Less likely to die of SIDS - Mom recovers her figure contraception – LAM - Lactational - Amenorrhea - Method Breast Milk is - Always handy - Always the right temperature
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Unformatted text preview: -Always sterile-Always ready to drink • Breastfed babies are less likely to e overweight • Babies smell better • Spit-up doesn’t stain • Dirty Diapers don’t stink • Better eye development Successful Breastfeeding • plenty of fluids • eat well • Prenatal Vitamins • Rest – 6 months Afterbirth March 20, 2008 When you quit breastfeeding… • taper off – give bottles of formula • Discomfort • “Supply and demand” – the more milk the baby needs, the harder he/she will suck, the more milk you will produce • Quitting before baby is one year old-switch to formula-no cow’s milk • switch to WHOLE cow’s milk •...
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Afterbirth Lecture - -Always sterile-Always ready to drink...

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