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CS106X Handout 23 Autumn 2009 October 28 th , 2009 CS106X Practice Midterm Exam Facts: When: Wednesday, November 4 th at 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Where: Gates B03 Coverage The midterm covers everything up through today’s lecture and the material addressed by Assignments 1 through 5. We will not be especially picky about syntax or other conceptually shallow ideas. We are looking for a clear understanding of the core programming concepts in C++. The exam is open-book and open-notes, but no computers allowed. Don't let the open- book nature mislead you. There isn’t enough time to learn or even re -learn everything during a two-hour window. You should be experienced enough with the material to readily answer the questions, relying on your notes only for the occasional detail. Writing code on paper in a relatively short time period is not quite the same as working with the compiler and a keyboard. I recommend that you practice writing out solutions to these practice problems—starting with a blank sheet of paper—until you’re certain you can write code without a computer to guide you. SCPD students can either come to campus, or they can take the exam remotely anytime after Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. The exam will be posted as a handout once it’s been administered, at which point you can pull it, print it, give yourself an uninterrupted block of two hours to take it, and then fax it in to me when you’re done. My cell and fax numbers will be printed on the front page of the exam. You can call me during if you have questions, and you should use the fax number to get us a copy of your exam. Hold on to your original until you get the faxed copy back. You don’t need to take the exam at the office, and you don’t need a proctor. Just self-administer so you have maximum flexibility on when you take it. SCPD students can take the exam on Thursday if need be, provided I have your faxed copy by Thursday at 5:00 p.m. We’ll be grading on Thursday night, so we need your exams by then.
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23-CS106X-Practice-Midterm - CS106X Autumn 2009 Handout 23...

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