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Week 8 Final - 2 Change Management Process 2.1 Change...

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1. Communication Plan The communication plan on this project would include a phone call to the owner of the Coffee Bar, each of my team members, the head of my company, and any Coffee Bar employees that will be affected by the change. Next I will write a complete report and send it to all of the above listed people by e-mail and hand delivered hard copy. 1. Risks and Issues Management 1.1. Potential Exceptions and Problems The changes that I have purposed for this project will not affect any of the operating systems. There are no operations changes only a higher speed internet connection for the remote locations. 1.2. Appropriate Corrective Measures At this time there are no required changes needed to the project for the suggested changes that I made to increase the connection speed.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Change Management Process 2.1. Change Management Process Steps The team will document all changes on both electronic copy and hard copy. This will ensure that a correct record of all changes will be on hand. The change control forms will be filed before work begins on the changes to the project. The forms will be updated daily to track and inform all parties that are involved. 2.2. Change Control Board (CCB) In this project the CCB will be made up of only three people: the owner of the Coffee Bar, myself, and head of operations for the Coffee Bar. In the beginning of this I described the Coffee Bar of have only four employees at the head office and ten remote locations having only four employees each, so this is a small project for a small company....
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