Week 5 Resubmit - also be used when choosing new...

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Should the company spend $100,000 on an I.T. Project at this time? Begin Design Phase Stop System Deployment Stop System Implatation Stop 45% no yes 30% no yes 25% yes no
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This decision table is what our text called a simple implantation plan. This type of plan show what would happen after each step of the project. It is in the simplest form to show what type of items would happen after a decision was made. It primary purpose is to show how the money will be spent along the way. A decision plan could also include a table that breaks down a certain part of a project. I will use the next table to break down a website design. I have broken it down into 12 key decisions that the company will need to make to choose which way the site will be developed and used. Using the chart will help make the decision to develop new ideas or use old ones. The chart will
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Unformatted text preview: also be used when choosing new technologies or current technologies. Start Company Website Begin Design Decision of $50,000 for website Stop Create New Technologies Stop After Design Plan Buy Current Technologies Continue Development till Deployment Stop Funding Development and take loss Stop buying technologies and close site or began development Continue to buy and use proven technologies. YES NO This chart can be used to make simple decisions about which path to follow. This chart does not include the amount of money that is involved in each section like the other chart did. I would use a chart like this in a Power Point presentation to show where ideas are headed in the future....
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Week 5 Resubmit - also be used when choosing new...

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