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week8 Management - instead the use of good interpersonal...

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In this scenario we are ask on how we would handle this situation and adjust the timeline accordingly. Well, first of all I think a good personal project manager would add time for this type of stuff before the project even begins. In advance business classes we learned that the interpersonal skills must be mastered before you can take a leadership role. Adjusting the timeline of any project can come with great risk, as I learned from this week’s chapters. That is why I would suggest that the timeline not change unless there are no other options. The problems that this team is having does not justify any changes in the timeline
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Unformatted text preview: instead the use of good interpersonal skills to motivate the team to get the job done. If the need for changes still is required then the rules then a good written plan would include the order of actions to take. First the leadership team should inform the customer of the delays, then second a reordering of the team should be enacted to ensure no more delays. Next the remaining implementation should be completed as fast as possible. The delays will cost both the customer and the project team money and may even cause the project to go over budget....
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