PROJECT SCOPE - company locations due to the connection to...

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1. PROJECT SCOPE 1. Goals and Objectives Goals Objectives The project will provide an improved system for managing products that are used and sold. The project will improve the company’s bottom- line. 1. Develop an information system that will bring the company into the information age. 2. Develop a point of sales software package that will increase the profit margin of the company. 2. Project Deliverables Milestone Deliverable 1. Information System Company Database- Store important company information Network- Connection of remote locations 2. Point Of Sales Sales Software- Tracks inventory Employee- Enables employee schedule to be built for main office Instant Pricing- Gives full control of pricing to main office 3. Network/Web Site Wi-Fi: Tool used to attract new customers Web Site- Used to make new business connections 3. Deliverables Out of Scope The out of scope project deliverables will include increase security and fire protection at all
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Unformatted text preview: company locations due to the connection to the network. Increase name familiarity due to the increase customer and non-customer contact that will be generated by the internet sales and search services. 4. Project Estimated Costs & Duration Project Milestone Date Estimate Deliverable(s) Included Confidence Level Main Office Network 06/01/2009 Server/Data base High Information Sharing Software Remote Network 07/01/2009 Linking of Remote locations with the Main office Rollover of point of sales software Product tracking and usage software Wi-Fi Roll-Out of information system High Internal Website 8/01/2009 Employee Training Software Employee Benefits Access Employee Pay and Services Medium External Website 08/01/2009 Web sales Web information center Web connection center Business Partner Ship Center Medium...
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PROJECT SCOPE - company locations due to the connection to...

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