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Doc1 - '7 T lwiI-z OnD-z-rnand W:h Windows Internet Expl a...

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Unformatted text preview: '7 T lwiI-z- OnD-z-rnand W -:h , Windows Internet Expl- a httpiffdcmitooiwireicomftrairiingf]soiodwfframesetfiliJso?labName:MSV_221N-4M ip_ INTRODUCTION When mesysiam Is morelhan 3 years old Once a system has been impiemented, ii enters irie 'Sysiem Operations and When Human Big-[Ms were nu mum Support phasesystem Operations is whiledavuopingihaswhrn the ongoing fiJl'iCiiOnii'l which the _ system operates untii it is repiaced An when lhe ”WSW Inadequaiednwrnmhllm information system must be in are being used operations phase before it can be "M‘s 5""3'1' “mum“ E Please lead this smaii from Jim Smith‘ Head of iT‘ inr more info System Support involves the ongoing Component MAFM gym technicai suppon ufusers, as well as the maintenance required to fix any Match the following temis wilh their descriptions. ENEIIS‘ UmlSSIflHS‘ Ui' new requirements Wpflm Terms that may arise System Suppon invoives E serVicirig, maintaining, and improvmg a This Wham holds ail thelesl cases and heal mnmunai information system through data (used for eerlerleeie) and teal daia revised ITES‘ DETEhESE i its lifetime System operation and '0' lwflcchflmfis I" ”WWW?“ suppori oecurin paraliel , , The slang: utallappiuzhun programs-this it is importantt'or a System Support compound holds in: program scum: oodeaumich Is _ Coordinainrio he famiiiarvmiri sysiem unrivalled vaeralnn Control Systems "aha Chauc- Ingram ““3” i uperalignfi ario Euppun adiviliES‘ as out and Shack-h mechanism and malntainhg senior nait ofthose duties (or more) are "Emir-“15 In =35! 3 WOW!“ BI'ISBS in 1"! HEW VEFEiDn- associated With supporting operationai W 53‘5‘em5- created and maintained by Ihe application. FariheBuainesa Daiabaselrvemiaaaepereie lBusmess Database i Lab Goals T_ug backupi recovery ascurity, and perfumanua The mayor goais in this lab exercise are — adminialraliun handed L’X DaiaAdrnhiaItahur as mflws The ammulalsd System Knuwledga— This - Define System Operations and WmDmBm “OMS lmmafim 0" SYS'B'" mods-la, Suppnn apesiiicalions, and any other dueumenratlun - Identify System Support actMties‘ 8W’WIBWd dvflno Want mast:“1:221:12:an WM and System Enhancement E Piease read this e-maii mm Jim smith. Head 0! H. fol male in». 0 Describe System Maintenance tasks - Resolve System Recovery and Sub-Innis"! Technicai Support activities 0 Describe System Enhancement tasks E E Dorie .Internst (3v amuse v '7 T .lw1 e0nD-z-m-1nd‘it-i :Ill , Windows Internet Expl- a httpszdcm.taalwire.comftralningf]saladwfframesatjl.Jsa?labNama=MSV_221N-4M ntEnta INTRODUCTION Once a system has been lmplemented, rt enters the 'System Operations and Support phase. System Operatloris l5 the ongmng funmmn iri whlch the system operates until it lS replaced An lnformation system must he in operatlons phase before rt can he supported System Support anCIIVElS the ongolng technical suppuit olusers, as well as the malntenance required to fix any EllfllS‘ UmlSSIflHS‘ Ul' HEW lEQLlIl'EtmEl'llS that may arise System Support involves sermcirig, malntairilng, and impromng a fiJl’lL‘llfll’lal lrtformatlon system through llE llfetlme System operation and support oecurin parallel ltis importantt'orasystem Support Coordinatorto he famlliarwrth system uperatmns and support actlvttles. as half nfthnse duties (or more) are associated wrth supporting operational systems. Lab Goals T_ag The mayor goals in this lab eiierclse are as follows . Define System Operations and Support . ldentlfy System Support activttles. ineludlng System Malntenance. System Recovery. Technlcal Suppoit. and System Enhancement 0 Deserme System Malntenance tasks . Resolve System Recovery and Technical Support activitles o Deserme System Enhancement tasks Dene E Ir_ 4. enema iii-in page system Suppert Activities Select the System Support activmes from the glveh list. System Maintenance Tedinical Suppart system Recovery Design Review Perfumanee Audit System Enhancement Duality Aesureliee That’s Incorrect. : : : : That’s Correct! E Please read inns Ermall lrum er Smllh, Head at IT, rm mule lnlu M— Anenge the followlng tasks involved In Prugram Maintenance adivilies tn the correct order. E Please read this e-mail from Jim Smith. Head of lT. tor more info. Validating the error Benchmark the program Study and Debug me program Test ihe program Federica! Swport / What are the responslbilities at the Technical Supparl team? seen the oonest optian Tram the felewing list. End-user assistance Training . Internet ...
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