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Watson’s Little Albert - Watson’s extreme view of behaviorism - Infant gets scared due to certain reactions and situations Thorndike’s : Law of Effect - Notion of rewards working backwards in time - Law of effect: Responses that are followed by a satisfying state of affairs are strengthened - A lot of animal usage - Cat escapes at a certain time, and takes a long period but eventually will learn with trial and error Skinner’s Operant Conditioning - Skinner was very empirical o Organisms as “Black Box” o Environmental contingencies - Operant Chamber (aka Skinner Box) o Magazine training o Shaping o Cumulative recorder Schedule of Reinforcement
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Unformatted text preview: -Ratio Schedules o Fixed (constant) o Variable (higher slope constant)-Interval Schedules o Fixed (accerlation constant and then acceleration) o Variable small slope When Classical Meets Instrumental -Response Topography o Food Reinforcement – PECK o Water Reingorcement – SWOOP-Autoshaping o Lighted Key + Food (peck light) o Omission experiments o Long Box esperiments o Feature Positive vs Feature Negative Conclusion Our behavior is a composite, largely non-cognitive, of instrumental behaviors that are guided by classical rules—the “Golden Thread” that runs through the science of behavior...
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lecture_pigeon _psychology - -Ratio Schedules o Fixed...

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