gz-notes - [Contributed by Fekri Kassem Uncompressing gz...

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[Contributed by Fekri Kassem] Uncompressing gz files using zlib zlib provides a set of gzip File I/O functions for reading and writing gzip files. Some of the available gzip functions are: - gzFile gzopen (const char *path, const char *mode): Opens a gzip (.gz) file for reading or writing. - int gzread (gzFile file, voidp buf, unsigned len): Reads the given number of uncompressed bytes from the compressed file. - char * gzgets(gzFile file, char *buf, int len): Reads bytes from the compressed file until len-1 characters are read, or a newline character is read and transferred to buf, or an end-of-file condition is encountered. - int gzgetc(gzFile file): Reads one byte from the compressed file. gzgetc returns this byte or in case of end of file or error. All the other available functions can be found here at http://zlib.net/manual.html Notes: - The above functions are being passed a gzFile handler after it has been initialized using the gzopen function. - They do the uncompression on the fly. They read data, uncompress it and
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This note was uploaded on 03/07/2010 for the course CS 6913 taught by Professor Torsensuel during the Spring '10 term at NYU Poly.

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gz-notes - [Contributed by Fekri Kassem Uncompressing gz...

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