gzip-lilu - char*buffer=(char)malloc(size int oldSize=size...

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Hi, Prof. Suel, I have an alternative way to read gz file into a buffer by using gzread function. I think it is easier to understand. The implementation is as follows. #define INDEX_CHUNK 409600 //50KB #define DATA_CHUNK 20971520 //2.5MB char *memAlloc(gzFile *, int); int main (int argc, char * argv[]) { gzFile *cData,*cIndex; char *indexBuffer, *dataBuffer; cIndex=gzopen("nz2_merged/0_index","r"); cData=gzopen("nz2_merged/0_data","r"); indexBuffer=memAlloc(cIndex, INDEX_CHUNK); dataBuffer=memAlloc(cData, DATA_CHUNK); } /****************************************** *Read a gz file into a buffer [email protected] fileName the filename to be read [email protected] size the initial size of the buffer [email protected] the buffer ******************************************/ char *memAlloc(gzFile *fileName, int size)
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Unformatted text preview: { char *buffer=(char *)malloc(size); int oldSize=size; int count=0; //The number of bytes that already read while (!gzeof(fileName)) { count+=gzread(fileName,buffer+count,oldSize); if (count==size) // Reallocate when buffer is full { oldSize=size; size*=2; buffer=(char *)realloc(buffer,size); } } return buffer; } The usage of gzread function is like fread, except there is no SEEK_END which means we cannot get file size then allocate buffer. gzread will read "oldSize" bytes data from "fileName" into address "buffer+count", and return the number of bytes already read. If there are remaining bytes in the file, we need to reallocate the buffer of double size and read the rest bytes. The implementation is correct after tests. Thanks, Li Lu...
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This note was uploaded on 03/07/2010 for the course CS 6913 taught by Professor Torsensuel during the Spring '10 term at NYU Poly.

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gzip-lilu - char*buffer=(char)malloc(size int oldSize=size...

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