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Assignment - Homework 1 - Homework 1 You must hand it your...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 1 You must hand it your homework on paper. It can be either typed or hand-written; I type it using the L A T E Xsystem, which is used by many mathematicians and scientists because of its ability to typeset math quickly and with high-quality results. However, L A T E Xtakes some effort to learn. You must hand in the homework personally at the beginning of the recitation next Tuesday which you are officially enrolled in. If you hand it in 5-15 minutes late you will lose half credit. If it is 15 minutes late or more you will get no credit. If you can not hand in your homework on time and believe you have a valid excuse you must tell you excuse to the professional excuse evaluators in the Student Affairs department who will issue a letter to me if your excuse is valid. 1. Which of the following is are propositions? (True/false statements) (a) Fish are insects. (b) 11 2 + 60 2 = 61 2 ....
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