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prelim 1 review guide HR - Human Resources Study Guide...

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Human Resources Study Guide: Prelim 1 HR Function Integrated set of policies and practices for attracting, selecting, developing and retaining quality employees Central part of strategic planning and implementation Roles in Building a competitive organization HR Roles Administrative expert o Achieves excellence in managing the fundamental HR needs of the firm Hire the best Provide excellent training and development opportunities Incorporate dynamic yet manageable performance evaluation systems Refine and upgrade incentive programs Employee Champion o Focuses on the work related psychological and emotional needs of employees Reduce demand/resource imbalances Cope with sense of being overwhelmed, underutilized Schedule control Job redesign Development opportunities Advocacy Change agent o Catalyst/champion/sponsor Visionary o Facilitator Design, implement, assess impact Strategic partner o Key facet of strategic planning Provides essential information for identifying… External opportunities and threats Internal strengths and weaknesses o Key facet of strategic implementation Responsible for overseeing, implementing and evaluating functional policies, programs and initiatives Brief History of HR! Mid 18 th century o As an informal function, HRM has roots in England’s craft guilds. These guilds later evolved into trade unions o Late 19 th and early 20 th centuries Scientific management : Frederick Taylors time and motion research 1900-1950’s o Two “schools” evolved
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Human Resources Study Guide: Prelim 1 Administrative management school Focus ont eh organization Webers bureaucratic order Human Relations school Focus on people o Welfare departments o Mayos Hawthorne Effect the light experiment, it wasn’t the work conditions which affected performance it was how they were treated 1960’s o Civil rights o Theory X: Theory Y: 1970’s: quality movement 1980’s-90s: work life balance, diversity, globalization Today: The HR function in successful firms assumes a central role in both developing and implementing business strategies o Performs multiple roles effectively o Hr decision making is data driven Mission, Values, and Major Goals Mission (vision) o Identify, now and in the future o Strategic intent: the best, most customer focused, competitive environmentally responsible Values: how managers intend to conduct themselves, drivers of behavior Major goals: hierarchy of fundamental business objectives The Layered Look Mission (vision) o Provide the best service, empower our employees, maanger the firms resources wisely and minimize our impact on the environment Hierarchy of values o Customers first o Investment in employees o Financial responsibility o Environmental stwewardship Hierarchy of Goals o Customer satisfaction and loyalty o
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prelim 1 review guide HR - Human Resources Study Guide...

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