J10B9VQ2 - ˆ i ·y ª r r r r r i y ª ˆ r r r r r r r...

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Unformatted text preview: ˆ i ·y ª r r r r r i y ª· ˆ r r r r r r r ˆ iy · * ª r r r ˆ iy ª*· r ˆ iyª· r r r r to deliver (v.t.) ˆ y ·ª* New York ˆy· ª New Year's gift of cash relative(s) to visit fruit ˆ i ·y ª * local product ˆ iy ª· * sightseeing trip r weird; eery r cash ˆ iy ª · to help each other ˆ iy ª · original i y ª· * ˆ extravagant; luxurious r groom r bride i y *ª · ˆ to invite r increasingly (=r ˆ iy · ª clearly ˆ i ª·y * vicious circle ˆi y · ª influence ˆ iy · * ª Christian iˆ y · ª church r just; only ˆ iy · ª * to exchange ˆ iy ª*· chocolate r lover; sweetheart ˆ iyª· not limited to r one's superior r exactly r reciprocal r to decide (v.t.) ...
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