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Unformatted text preview: because ~(gives a reason for something often regrettable but unavoidable) < Ìp _ö Å* ° ð v¯ª * @ w« ¶ ª* Teacher: What happened? You're late? Student: I'm sorry. It's because my parents called me just when I was about to leave the house. x Ì p _ öO Å h ð° v ¯ O ª 2w¶« ª O Girl Student: What happened? I've been waiting for half an hour! Boy student: Sorry! I came by car but the traffic was incredibly heavy [so I couldn't help being late]. (Nouns, adjectives, and verbs (stative or progressive form))e While a certain situation holdse JýO `Å One should travel while still a student. Jý Å O ` I will get my study done while it is still quiet. à l¹ ° ª O I ÅO á ]ö H O Å You should do what you want to do while you are still young. H ÅO Z †E 2 I would like to climb Mt. Fuji while I am in Japan. ˜ JO a Åý 2 • ²ª ¶ O àl ° Time flew by while we were talking. (Negative verb form)e Before something happense °l à ª¹ O ö] IÅá O H O Å You should go home before it gets too late. Jý Å O 2 ² • O l à a˜ ª¶ I will do my homework before my mother scolds me. X(Noun or a Sentencee)˜ • ª «¶ eweighs on one's mind; to be concerned about e ¨X I am worried about my grade(s). 2 [ E† a -o2 I am bothered by the fact that my host student's family has not even written a single letter to me. «• ˜ ¶ ª (Negative Sentence: can't do (it) no matter how hard one tries. Positive Sentence: by all means.) ° là ¹ ª O á I]Å ö O H ÅO When you don't understand no matter how hard you try, please ask your teacher. J Åý O ` I can't tell a lie no matter what. ˜ a JýO Å 2 ²• ¶ ª O à I would like to go to Japan once, no matter what. e inadvertently; involuntarily à ªO ¹° l I] ö ÅO á H O Å Sometimes, we accidentally say things we should not say. ˜ JÅ ý O 2• ² ¶ O a ª à l ¹° I was talking and lost track of time. Nª¶ O ˜• « to pay attention to e to be careful of e H O Å †Z E 2 When you speak Japanese, please watch for pitch patterns. à °l ¹ O ª I Åö ] O á H O Å So, are you leaving tomorrow? Yeah. Well, take care! ˜ «• ª¶ O = to realize; to notice H ÅO Z †E 2 I didn't notice the poster on the bulletin board. 2 E† [ a -o 2 It was after I got home that I realized that I had lost the money. V(plain) + e to bring oneself to do V; to feel like V-ing ˜ J Å ý O 2 ª ¶ «† O a àl I don't feel like studying on Friday nights. ` JýO Å You can do anything if you put your mind to it. V(plain) ` Jý O Å to ask/tell/ask [someone] to do [something] (indirect quote of command) à l ª¹° O á I O Åö] H O Å I asked my teacher to write a letter of recommendation. 2[† E a - o2 My host mother advised me not to go to school wearing shorts. °l à ¹ O ª Iö] Å O H á Å I was told to come home by 11 p.m. V(volitional)e when i was about to V ª ¹° l O à I] O H á Åö Å When I was about to leave for the department store, it began to rain. H O Å Z E† 2[ When I heard his voice and tried to talk, tears came to my eyes. eXe Y(useewitheADJ)T« Ø ¶ ª Ye X X, to the extent Y a -o 2 2 s2 2[† E ! He has lived in America so long that his English is almost better than his Japanese. H ÅO Z E† 2 †[ E There was so much food that we almost could not eat it all. 2 [ E† a -o2 There are so many ways of reading Japanese names that they are even difficult for Japanese people. à O áO ª¹ °l Å I]ö H ÅO This reading passage is so difficult that [to the extent that] I almost get a headache. H O Å †Z E 2[ There are times when it rains so hard that you can hardly see anything in front of you. V(plain past)e used to V l ªà ¹ ° O I]á ö Å O H Å I used to fight with my brother a lot when I was a child. a˜ JýÅ O 2† « ¶ O l à ° ¹ ª I used to play hard and study hard in my college days. V(stem)e means that something was JUST done JÅ ý O ` Bread fresh from the oven is delicious. a ˜ JýO Å 2† ¶ « ª O à l ° Please watch out for wet paint. Se(plain form)e Se Se(eform)eS«ª T Ø ¶ S2 to the extent S1, i.e It is so S2 that S1 H ÅO Z E† 2[ Sometimes, Indian curry is so hot that it brings tears to your eyes. a˜ J O Åý 2†« ¶ ª O à I am so full that I can't move. ` Å JýO Tokyo has an amazingly large number of people. ° lO á I Å ö ] O H ¹à ª ÅO Sometimes, Indian curry is so hot that it brings tears to your eyes. (V2) ...
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