Article 1 Summary - Actor and talk show host Rohit Roy...

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Suny Bhagat College Writing I Anne Murphy Article Summary Lifestyles of the richest business men in India are exactly what we expect them to be. They have too much money, giving them the freedom to buy almost anything they wish. Billion-dollar man Rakesh Jhunjhunwala states “it gives me the freedom to do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do”, describing the feeling of have excess money. He owns an extravagant fifteen-thousand square foot bungalow equipped with party rooms, a gym, Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools, as well as a karaoke studio in one of the best weekend spots for rich business men like Rakesh. Along with the hundreds of millions of Indians living in “grinding poverty”, there are those, approximately eighty-three thousand, who have assets totaling up to one million dollars, and increase at an average of 13% a year. The rich people show they have a ton of money is by spending it on big things, such as fancy cars, monstrous mansions, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Actor and talk show host Rohit Roy exclaims “It feels good giving your family a comfortable existence,” who bought a luxurious four bedroom apartment facing the sea in Juhu. Ferrari’s are becoming more of a demand amongst the rich. But they don’t come easy; seven hundred costumers didn’t suit the “product profile” and were turned away from buy a Ferrari. The BMW, however, plans to be seen in many places. An assembly plant will open in Chennai, planning to manufacture 1800 cars annually. Not all wealthy show off their money. Umesh Chadha has oil and gas company’s in four different countries. He owns three cars, but would be just as happy riding in a three wheeled motorcycle taxi to reach destinations. Driving fancy cars is not always a good thing. It attracts crowds, and soon turns into a nightmare. Works Cited Lakshman, Nandani. "The lifestyle of India's richest people". Rediff: India Abroad November, 28 2006:...
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Article 1 Summary - Actor and talk show host Rohit Roy...

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