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Bhagat 1 Suny Bhagat Anne Murphy College Writing I Social Hierarchy In India India, a country with over one billion people, has a similar social and economic ladder to America. The lowest class, contained mostly of homeless beggars, is the most populated compared to the fraction of India’s population in the middle and upper classes. The middle class contains farmers with a decent amount of land living in villages, while those who work in companies live in the cities. The rich are also seen in cities, wearing fancy suits and driving fancy cars. All three classes are obviously distinct from one another, but do bear some similarities. The idea of mobility from one class to another may seem simple, but to actually move up or down in the economic ladder is difficult. People who “look” middle class may be very poor. Some live in sheds on the side of roads, while others sleep in their rickshaws [3 wheeled taxis]. Beggars are mostly seen roaming the streets of cities and villages. Some sit in corners, while others interfere with traffic. They follow the fanciest of cars, assuming the driver is a rich businessman. They carry sick-looking babies to receive more money. It is, however, thought that some beggars don’t collect money to help their kids, but to waste in liquor and gambling. In fact, “begging is quite often carried out in organized gangs” for maximum profit (Cook)
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Bhagat 2 In Mumbai in particular, visitors are often approached by a child or woman wanting some powdered milk to feed a baby. They will assist you to a nearby stall or shop that conveniently happens to sell tins or boxes of such “milk”. However, the milk will be expensively priced (often around 200 rupees) and if you hand over the money for it, the shopkeeper and the beggar will simply split the proceeds between them. (Cook) They are beat out of some temples for their ennoble acts. Some steal wallets from people, and other go into other forms of crime, such as joining gangs. People just simply avoid beggars to prevent from falling into such traps. If these people are caught giving money to a beggar, more beggars will surround him or her. Some low class people do manage to “make it big”; their children may be talented in singing or dancing and are given jobs in the movie industry. Current reality shows in India are giving such people a shot at fame. They go from “rags to riches” in no time. Some work their way to an upper class, while others get lucky in win a lottery.
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Final Paper - Bhagat 1 Suny Bhagat Anne Murphy College...

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