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Suny Bhagat College Writing 1 – Anne Murphy Paper #1: CM Ch 1. Summary Shadowy Lines That Still Divide Which class one belong too was as clear as day long ago. The upper class spent money as if it were breathing; the middle class were the “Ford Fairline drivers” (Leonhardt, Scott, 1). Nowadays, it is much more difficult to identify a person’s class based on his/her characteristics. A man in a tuxedo can drive up to a McDonalds in the most violent of cities in a Mercedes Benz, leaving the employees bewildered. A women dressed in rags can walk into a jewelry shop and buy the most expensive of things. These days, Clothes and lifestyles alone cannot help determine which class, income wise, a person belongs to. Class does have importance, but is not permanent. Unlike decades ago, “anyone has a shot at becoming a Supreme Court justice or CEO” (Leonhardt, Scott, 3). Moving up and down the economic ladder has become much easier, compared to other countries and time periods. Roughly half of the surveyed believe in positive mobility in class. Statistics show that 40% of the surveyed people believe that it is easier to move up in the social class than when they were growing up, and compared to other countries. 45% of surveyed Americans have actually moved up in the economic ladder.
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Paper #1 CM Summaries - Suny Bhagat College Writing 1 Anne...

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