The Letter - replenishing or rebirth of the trees and...

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Suny Bhagat AP-English IV Period 7 The speaker of the poem, The Letter, receives a very distressing letter regarding the health of her father. He lies on his deathbed due to a returned cancer. The speaker initially was hopeless, knowing the cancer would not be cured this time. She quickly realizes (and expresses throughout the poem), in a walk through nature, that deaths cause rebirths. As the speaker realizes natures balance between life and death, she expresses that all bad things are ended with good things. As she walks, she sees leaf-less trees, sap, and a neighbor cutting down trees. The speaker smells torn-up earth and pine. She sees up the hill more “deaths”. She then states “The place will heal itself in time” indicating the
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Unformatted text preview: replenishing, or rebirth, of the trees and fruits, “first with weeds—goldenrod, cinquefoil, moth mullein—then blackberries, sapling pine, deciduous trees…” (All will return in the order they left). The speaker is clearly poignant by the sites. The use of words like ‘lacerated’ and ‘breaking’ to describe what she sees shows the feelings she experiences when she walks by the trees. The speaker later uses words such as ‘jovial’ and ‘heal’ to express the content feeling of knowing everything will grow back. The experience the speaker describes concludes that light is only seen at the end of a dark tunnel....
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The Letter - replenishing or rebirth of the trees and...

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