MOTIVATION - the need by eating drinking and sleep Whenever...

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Suny Bhagat Period 2 AP Psychology Babagamoosh can follow the instinct theory. Through this theory, he will engage in a behavior that has a fixed pattern, and make it seem natural. Babagamoosh can review a chapter in the afternoon, and take a practice test right before going to sleep. He can repeat this process for every chapter, one chapter a day. Once he has gone through each chapter, he can start waking up each day and taking a practice exam. Later the same day, he can review the topics he had trouble with. His study behaviors will be constant; review in the afternoon before taking a practice chapter test at night, and when he’s done reviewing, take practice exams, and continue reviewing. When he takes the real exam, it would feel, to him, that it’s just another day. Another way Babagamoosh can review is by the drive-reduction theory. This theory states that a psychological need creates an aroused state that drives an organism to reduce
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Unformatted text preview: the need by eating, drinking and sleep. Whenever Babagamoosh finds the need to drink, he must correctly complete a crossword puzzle dealing with psychology terms and receive his drink and reduce his thirst. Reviewing will turn into a drive reducing behavior, with rewards such as food, drinks, and sleep. The final theory that can help Babagamoosh is the arousal theory. People seek optimum level of arousal or stimulation. High levels can result in stress and under confidence, low levels result in boredom and overconfidence. The happy medium is where Babagamoosh should be, he is confident he will do well on the exam. He can do various things to reach this level. He can read jokes or watch a funny movie before the exam to relieve him of stress and prevent him from being bored. A massage before the exam can also help....
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MOTIVATION - the need by eating drinking and sleep Whenever...

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