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Name: ___ Jake Venditto _ AP Psychology - Chow Personality Psychology Test Review Important People: Sigmund Freud: Anxiety Sex and Aggression (Libido) Term Definition Conscious: All thoughts, actions, awareness Preconscious: Short term memory, thoughts just beneath the surface of awareness Unconscious: Long term memory, thought well below the surface of awareness but still affect behavior Id: Primitive, Instinctive, Pleasure Principle, Instant Gratification, Primary Process thinking (from birth, WANT TO DO) Ego: Reality Principle, Rational, Realistic, long term goals, consequences (3-4, NEED TO DO) Super-ego: Morality, Guilt, Moral perfection, Social Standards, Right and Wrong (4-5, SHOULD DO) Ego Ideal:
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Arrival of the Oedipus Complex Boys Desire Mom, but dad is in the way… Castration Fear Penis Envy Defense Mechanism: Definition: Example: Repression: Withholding depressing thoughts and feelings A traumatized soldier has no recollection of the details of a close brush with death. Projection: Attributing one’s own thoughts, feeling, to another A woman who dislikes her boss, thinks she likes her boss but feels that the boss doesn’t like her. Displacement: Taking out your anger on something/someone less threatening. After parental scolding, a young girl takes her anger out on her little brother. Reaction formation: Behaving in a way that is the opposite of what you are feeling A parent who unconsciously resents a child spoils him with outlandish gifts Regression Returning to immature behavior A temper tantrum, or crying Rationalization Creating false but plausible excuses to justify unacceptable behavior A student gets a bad grade on a test and, says “the teacher didn’t teach everything”. Identification Boosting self-esteem by forming an imaginary or real alliance with someone or group. An insecure young man
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Important People - Name Jake Venditto AP Psychology Chow...

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