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The Flynn Effect: The continued year-on-year rise of IQ test scores, an effect seen in all parts of the world, although at greatly varying rates. Attempted explanations have included improved nutrition, a trend towards smaller families, better education, greater environmental complexity, and heterosis. Stereotype Threat: the tendency to focus on a conventional, negative belief about one’s group, such that the individual risks behaving in a way that confirms that belief. Savants Cumulative Deprivation Hypothesis: Studied children consigned to understaffed orphanages and children raised in the poverty and isolation of the back hills of Appalachia. Found that environmental deprivation leads to the predicted erosion of IQ
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Unformatted text preview: scores. The Bell Curve: Normal distribution using standard deviation as the unit of measure The Fertile field (sunlight and seed) analogy: The Minnesota Twins Study: Identical twin reared together, strong correlation of intelligence/reared apart less correlation/fraternal together is less/ sibling together is less/ apart is less/ Adoption Studies: Assess hereditary influence by examining the resemblance between adopted children and both their biological and their adoptive parents. Studies have been inconclusive about the relative importance of heredity in intelligence....
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