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Review Exam 1 - Chs. 1-3 - Review Chapter 1 Critical...

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Review: Chapter 1 Critical challenges to managing effectively (i.e., change, technology, and globalism) (pp. 5-7) Different technological drivers of globalization (lecture) Moore’s Law, Flat World, Lego World (lecture) Definition of management and organizations (pp. 8-9) The organizational context of management (pp. 10-13) The human factor in management (pp. 14-16) Paradoxes that managers often deal with (pp. 17-21) Definition of entrepreneur and concepts of entrepreneurial mindset and creative destruction (lecture; pp. 23-24) Managerial functions (i.e., planning, organizing, directing, etc.) (pp. 25-26) Different managerial roles (p. 26-29) Different skills that managers need (pp. 32-34)
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Review: Chapter 2 Different ideas on what change is and why it is important (lecture) Grove’s ideas on change and concept of Strategic Inflection point (lecture) Managerial perspectives on change (lecture; pp. 42-44) Different forces for change – internal and external (lecture; pp. 44-47) Lewin’s framework for viewing process of change (i.e.,
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