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Chapter 6 Outline - first 10 ammendments to the...

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Chapter 6 Outline The constitution was written in 1787 and would from that point on prove to be the main document of laws that the United States would follow. Federalists believed in divided authority, authority that was divided among the states rather than having one singular government body in one location rule the le new chapter in America’s country. The anti-federalists however, believed the exact opposite of the federalists, believing that the government should be ruled all in one location. The constitutional convention met, and upon this meeting they came up with a consensus as well as the bill of rights. The bill of rights was the
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Unformatted text preview: first 10 ammendments to the constitution and upon creating it three more states joined the union. By the year 1800 a disagreement about the future of the nation a committed nationalist Alexander Hamilton and the self proclaimed champion of democracy Thomas Jefferson and conflicts within the political world. The election of 1812 of Thomas Jefferson, opened a whole new chapter in Americas history. Many conflicts between the US were settled including the war of 1812 and for the time being, secured the nations ideals....
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