Childhood Lecture - February 28, 2008 Child Birth Symptoms...

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Unformatted text preview: February 28, 2008 Child Birth Symptoms of Pregnancy 1. Fatigue 2. Insomnia 3. Mood Swings 4. Swelling of feet, ankles, face, hands 5. Tenderness and swelling of breasts 6. Frequent urination 7. heavier vaginal discharge 8. morning sickness (certain smell) 9. missed menstrual period 10. Hegar's sign (inside of pelvis is red and swole) Fetal Development A. Genetic material I46 chromosomes in 23 pairs 23 from mother, including X 23 from father including X or Y LMP = last menstrual period is when you start your pregnancy Conception: when the sperm fertilizes the egg. B. 40 weeks LMP Parental Care a. babies who do not receive parental care are three times more like to develop health problems and four times more like to die. b. Teen moms are likely to have premature babies c. Babies of teen moms are more likely to grow up to poverty d. 40% of babies are born to teen moms. e. Older mothers also develop problems during child birth f. Genetic factors can affect our babies g. Chromosomals abnormalities occur more in older mothers Prenatal Testing A. 400 conditions B. 9697% of babies are "perfect" C. About 20% of problems are genetic Tests: 1. AFP test (alpha fetal protein) shows up in the blood. Too high = genetic problems, mal formation in the brain or spinal cord. Too low = other problems, down syndrome, etc. 2. Ultrasound can detect abnormalities before the baby is born 3. Amniocentesis skin cells swallow amniotic fluid. 4. CVS (chorionic vllus sampling) faster than the amniocentesis, more risky ...
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Childhood Lecture - February 28, 2008 Child Birth Symptoms...

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