Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Brian Nelson Period 5-6 The...

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Brian Nelson Period 5-6 The Classless Society -Marx approaches religious intolerance two ways, tolerantly and intolerantly. He suggests different ways, but he also suggests ways of using force to make people understand. -I believe toleration towards people that are religiously intolerant is the best way to go. If you are tolerant with them, and show them that everyone has a different aspect on life and the ways of the afterlife, and try to make them see things with an open mind, maybe they will become tolerant. If this does not work though, and they continue to do bad things because of intolerance, force would be the way to go. The Housing Venture of Octavia Hill -Yes the housing venture did create financial returns for his initial investment. -Here Tenets received minimal refund of their money as well as small amounts of land to settle in as their new homes. -He feels both remorse, as well as disgust. He believes that the lower class has to step up for itself rather then let the upper class just control them as if they were slaves/tools. Map 18.1
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Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Brian Nelson Period 5-6 The...

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