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Christian & Islam Trade DBQ - Brian Nelson AP World...

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Brian Nelson AP World History October 26, 2008 Christianity and Islam Trade DBQ In ancient societies religion and trade were to every growing necessities of life that continuously conflicted together. Christianity and Islam were to religions that took notice, and action towards the ever growing popularity of trade. Of course there views were not so similar as to be called the same, and also they were not so different as to be called alien from each other. Both the Christian and Muslim religions views towards merchants were alike for they believed in the following of the teaching of god while doing ones job, clear ethics, and a holy state of mind. Although at times they seemed to have distant beliefs in merchants for the belief of punishment in greed and the thought blessings through the dealing of fair trades. Christians and Muslims did not agree on the topic of Merchants one hundred percent. Christians, strangely, believed that it was impossible to reach salvation for a greedy man, as merchants were commonly known as. (Doc. 1) The bible, being a Christian book, therefore would influence the Christian
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Christian & Islam Trade DBQ - Brian Nelson AP World...

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