Daily Menu assignment2 - Daily Menu, Part 2 Your restaurant...

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Daily Menu, Part 2 Your restaurant has decided to run special promotion days to try to bring in extra business. For example, the First Tuesday of each month at E-I-E-I-O has been declared "Ladies Night" and all ladies get two potatoes for the price of one to mark that festive occasion. Your Assignment At the top of your menu, add a heading such as the following, which includes the date: My Restaurant Menu for Sunday March 7, 2010 Then add these specials to the menu on the appropriate day. It's been decided that the following four days will have specials every month: First Tuesday of the month: Ladies Night Second Thursday of the month: Toddler's Day Third Wednesday of the month: Grandparents Day Fourth Monday of the month: Teen Night In addition, the "Weekend Special" will be in effect EVERY Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! You can choose the appropriate special treats for your particular establishment, but use the days listed above: First Tuesday, Second Thursday, Third Wednesday, and Fourth Monday. In addition, include "Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday" for the "Weekend Special". When someone visits your website on one of those special days, the menu should say "Special Today!" and include the description. Your special events should be highlighted at the top of your menu, before your regular menu items are listed!! When your program is done, it should look something like this (please remember this is just a sample - your menu will have different items depending on the date!): Menu for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 Ladies Night tonight! Big Farm burger $3.75 4 Chicken chunks $2.50 12 Chicken chunks $8.00 Boiled potato $1.50 Tuesday Special: 3 Big Farm burgers and a potato for $9.00 Ladies Night Special: Black Forest Cake for $4.00
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The Ladies Night special should only show up if it is First Tuesday of the month! If it is not one of the monthly specials, you should not show that item on your menu. If it is the weekend, don't forget to show the weekend special! You should still have the daily special (from the lab assignment) as well. Hints
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Daily Menu assignment2 - Daily Menu, Part 2 Your restaurant...

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