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The O'Neill Shoe Manufacturing Company will produce a special-style shoe if the order size is large enough to provide a reasonable profit. For each special-style order, the com- pany incurs a fixed cost of $1000 for the production setup. The variable cost is $30 per pair, and each pair sells for $40. a. Let x indicate the number of pairs of shoes produced. Develop a mathematical model for the total cost of producing x pairs of shoes. b. Let P indicate the total profit. Develop a mathematical model for the total profit real- ized from an order for x pairs of shoes. c. How large must the shoe order be before O'Neill will break even? 13. Micromedia offers computer training seminars on a variety of topics. In the seminars each student works at a personal computer, practicing the particular activity that the instructor is presenting. Micromedia is currently planning a two-day seminar on the use of Microsoft Excel in statistical analysis. The projected fee for the seminar is $300 per student. The
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