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C03, LP CASES12ed
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Unformatted text preview: Case Problem 1 PRODUCT MIX TJ's, Inc., makes three nut mixes for sale to grocery chains located in the Southeast. The three mixes, referred to as the Regular Mix, the Deluxe Mix, and the Holiday Mix, are made by mixing different percentages of five types of nuts. In preparation for the fall season, TJ's has just purchased the following shipments of nuts at the prices shown: Q pe of Nut Almond Brazil Filbert Pecan Walnut Shipment Amount (pounds) 6000 7500 7500 6000 7500 Cost per Shipment ($) 7500 7125 6750 7200 7875 Chapter 3 Linear Programming: Sensitivity Anabsk and Interpretationof Solution The Regular Mix consists of 15% almonds, 25% Brazil nuts, 25% filberts, 10% pecans, 25% walnuts. The Deluxe Mix consists of 20% of each type of nut, and the Holiday consists of 25% almonds, 15% Brazil nuts, 15% filberts, 25% pecans, and 20% walnuts Customer orders already received are summarized here: Q pe of Mix Regular Deluxe Orders (pounds) Because demand is ru can be satisfied...
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