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ENGL 2000: Writing from the Movies Section 160 Spring 2010 T Th 1:40–3:00 226 Tureaud Instructor: Al Dixon adixon@lsu.edu Office: 26 Allen Hall Office hours: T Th 9:30–10:30 and by appointment English 2000 builds upon the skills emphasized in English 1001. This course will use film as a way of teaching analysis, argument, and research skills. It is not a film study or film appreciation course. Movies will be a jumping-off point for learning writing skills. The majority of class time will be devoted to developing writing and critical thinking skills. We will examine films as texts, looking at the traditional elements of character and theme and at how these films reflect American culture. We will watch a variety of films, mostly outside of class. We will also read articles about writing strategies and film analysis. The focus is on analysis, argument, and research. You will complete four major assignments and occasional other writing tasks. Required Textbooks and Course Materials In lieu of a textbook, I will post readings on Moodle. You will, however, have to rent and watch some movies at home. Evaluation Assignment 1 (1000 words): Analytical movie: 15% Assignment 2 (1500 words): Analysis of theme of a movie, incorporating assigned articles: 25% Assignment 3 (750 words): Presentation, including a detailed outline, on research paper in progress (see Assignment 4): 10% Assignment 4 (2500 words): Researched analysis of director, movie, or genre: 45% Class participation and weekly assignments (peer review workshops, and responses to movies): 5% Grade scale: A = 90–100; B = 80–89; C = 70–79; D = 60–69; F = 59 and below Course Objectives Develop skills of analysis Develop argumentative skills Develop research skills Learn strategies for incorporating ideas of other into your own writing Refine strategies of invention, drafting, and revising in several genres of writing
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ENGL_2000-160_Syllabus - ENGL 2000: Writing from the Movies...

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