a training program-revised

a training program-revised - Chengyan Liu Professor Afriyie...

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Chengyan Liu Professor Afriyie Kofi GMBA5785 March 1, 2009 Case1: Cultural Intelligence A training program for American Managers Cultural intelligence (CQ) is more and more important in today's global business world and has become the key factor to the success of cross culture, cross border, cross organization worker. It consists of specific knowledge about different cultures, as well as general knowledge about how cultures work. Cultural intelligence - does one learn it or does it come naturally? The answer is a bit of both. We may improve cultural intelligence by learning and training. The specific training program is as follows. Develop the assessment system (or method) to find out individual’s CQ strengths and weaknesses. The first step is self-assessment, such as filling in the form of “diagnosing your cultural intelligence”. Then, conduct an assessment of a simulated business environment or 360-degree feedback on a person’s past behavior in an actual situation, through others or professionals’ point of view. It’s important to know clearly about yourself. Actually, each individual has his own cultural characteristic which is remote, but extremely rich exotic atmosphere. Sometimes, we just don’t know about ourselves,
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a training program-revised - Chengyan Liu Professor Afriyie...

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