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hw4 - whole sentences 4 Please ask questions Your teaching...

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Name: STAT 383 Section: 1-2 Assignment: 4 Date: 5 Feb 2010 Reading Read chapter 4 in your book. Suggested Problems 1. Section 3.2: 9, 10, 12 2. Section 3.3: 18, 20 3. Section 5.1: 1-4 Instructions: 1 This set of problems is not due. 2 I encourage you to work together on the homework assignments. 3 For each item in the assignment present your solution. Your solution should be neat. Use
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Unformatted text preview: whole sentences. 4 Please ask questions! Your teaching assistants are there to go over the problems with you. Please ask specific questions or questions about specific problems. 1...
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