5 4 Stages of Me and Her

5 4 Stages of Me and Her - 5 Stages of Me and Her...

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5 Stages of Me and Her Barrington Pryce @02521462 COMC 101: Principles of Speech Fall 2009
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What constitutes individuals getting to know each other and beginning a relationship? People start relationships by getting to know each other through the introduction of names, scent, the behavior, views, and at this point physical appearance are all first priority when it come to continuing the relationship. There are several steps where an interpersonal relationship can and will go during its course. The five stages of interpersonal relationship will be examined as I tell the story of how my most recent relationship has become one to be analyzed through a lens of these stages. The names of my significant other and I will be changed to secure privacy. It was January 21, 2005. Today was Jack’s 17 th birthday and one of his friends Miguel, decided to surprise him after school to celebrate. Jack not knowing how his birthday would turn out simply decided to live life to the fullest and went Downtown, Brooklyn with Miguel to meet some friends for a movie. Miguel told him that it was going to be two of their mutual friends. Jack already upset about his girlfriend not wanting to celebrate his birthday with him decided to double date with Miguel since his girlfriend was not worth being faithful to. Jack and Miguel met up with Rana and Jamila. Miguel and Rana who were in an interpersonal relationship started to talk about their situation which left Jack and Jamila to talk about each other. Jack and Jamila knew one another since middle school but never really looked at one another till now. They chatted for some time and reacquainted themselves with one another since they had not seen each other since middle school. The date turned out perfectly, and they realized that they had a lot in common. They exchanged numbers and began to become friends. Their friendship quickly resulted in a romance when Jack asked Jamila to be his girlfriend on February 16, 2005. Several months had passed in which Jack and Jamila had become inseparable. They did
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5 4 Stages of Me and Her - 5 Stages of Me and Her...

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