2009 Convocation notes

2009 Convocation notes - Presented from President to...

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This makes the beginning of Howard University academic year. Unique and irreplaceable. Here to stay. 21 Fulbright’s scholar 14 years old boy majoring in political science. You are the promise and legacy in action Howard’s voice is what is so great One of great treasure of America Head of the Broad of trustees 1968- more of an Afro-Centro Curriculum Leadership of the global community Glory to Isis Welcoming ceremony to new Student as well as a time to notice the recent achievement of the University 40 year anniversary of Black Studies Bryan Smart (A legacy renewed) Premier of Bermuda
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Unformatted text preview: Presented from President to Premier Brown Standing ovation The best message is Somebody is seating in my seat Trace a journey Dr. James M. Nabrit What will your journey be? Lived with a Trey Ewart Ferderick Brown III Howard University experience not education Whose seat am I sitting in? A legacy Good speech Living your dream You must Multitask Raising the cost of your companionship Smart beautiful woman Live up to the limitless possibilities of your seat Dr. Richard Bright...
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2009 Convocation notes - Presented from President to...

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