MECH103_HW1_10 - C of the cam A and the wheel B are 0.66...

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Dr YK Lee MECH103 1 MECH 103 Homework #1 Due: 23 Feb 2010 0. Reading assignment: Textbook: Kinematics of Particles, pp.327-409 1. Problem 11.27 : The acceleration of slider A is defined by the relation 2 2 v k k a = , where a and v are expressed in m/s 2 and m/s, respectively, and k is a constant. The system starts at time t = 0 with x = 1.5 m and v = 0. Knowing that x = 1.2 m when t = 0.2 s, determine the value of k . 2. Problem 11.59 : Collar A starts from rest at t = 0 and moves upward with a constant acceleration of 9 cm/s 2 . Knowing that collar B moves downward with a constant velocity of 45.7 cm/s, determine (a) the time at which the velocity of block C is zero, (b) the corresponding position of block C . 3 Problem 11.138 As cam A rotates, follower wheel B rolls without slipping on the face of the cam. Knowing that the normal components of the acceleration of the points of contact at
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Unformatted text preview: C of the cam A and the wheel B are 0.66 m/s 2 and 6.8 m/s 2 , respectively, determine the diameter of the follower wheel. Dr YK Lee MECH103 2 4 Problem 11.173 A test rocket is fired vertically from a launching pad at B . When the rocket is at P , the angle of elevation is θ = 47.0º, and 0.5 s later it is = 48.0º. Knowing that b = 4 km, determine approximately the speed of the rocket during the 0.5-s interval. 5 Problem 11.194 Coal is discharged from the tailgate of a dump truck with an initial velocity v A = 2 m/s 50º. Determine the radius of curvature of the trajectory described by the coal (a) at point A, (b) at the point of the trajectory 1 m below point A....
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MECH103_HW1_10 - C of the cam A and the wheel B are 0.66...

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