AJones Syllabus for Management 120A Intermediate Accounting - Fall 2008 rev1

AJones Syllabus for Management 120A Intermediate Accounting - Fall 2008 rev1

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SYLLABUS The Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA Course Title Intermediate Financial Accounting Course Number Management 120A, Section 3 Quarter Fall 2008 Instructor Andrea L. Jones Meeting Times Meeting Dates September 29, 2008 – December 3, 2008 Final Exam Date Tuesday December 9, 2008, 11:30am – 2:30pm Class Location PUB AFF 1234 UCLA Office Anderson School of Management, Room D 406 UCLA Office Phone Number 310-825-1449 (message) UCLA Office Hours E-mail address [email protected] (reference Management 120A) C OURSE D ESCRIPTION The course covers the interpretation, use, processing, and presentation of accounting information. The course examines the preparation of the principal accounting statements. Other topics include valuation, revenue recognition, recording, presentation, and control of cash; receivables; inventories; valuation, recording and presentation of plant, equipment and intangible assets. This is an “impacted” class and you may only drop within the first two weeks. C OURSE G OALS AND O BJECTIVES Develop an understanding and comprehension of generally accepted accounting principles and their application to the basic accounting process. This class is the first part of the two part series of Intermediate Financial Accounting. After completing this course, the student should be able to: Understand the accounting concepts and prepare and use the accounting information. Recognize where traditional financial statements may and may not be adequate. Recognize emerging approaches, understand how they may improve on the traditional, and integrate the two. Develop skills in group problem solving. T OPICS I NCLUDE The Accounting Process 3/8/2010 Page 1
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Management 120A Revenue Recognition Profitability Analysis Time Value of Money Inventory Valuation Property, Plant and Equipment Natural Resources Intangible Assets Investments R EQUIRED C OURSE T EXT Intermediate Accounting , Spiceland, Sepe and Tomassini, 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2009. R ECOMMENDED R EADING Current daily issues of the Wall Street Journal . Current issues of Business Week Magazine . Current issues of The Daily Bruin G RADING Points Percentage (%) Exam 1 100 20.0 Exam 2 100 20.0 Final Exam 200 40.0 Case 1 50 10.0 Case 2 50 10.0 Total 500 100% Exam 1 and 2 will cover the material preceding each exam and are anticipated to last one and one-half hours. The Final Exam is cumulative, with emphasis on the later chapters, and will be approximately three hours in length. There will be no makeup exams . 3/8/2010
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AJones Syllabus for Management 120A Intermediate Accounting - Fall 2008 rev1

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