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Chemistry 301X Final Examination: January 24, 2006 “If you are obliged to neglect any thing, let it be your chemistry. It is the least useful and the least amusing to a country gentleman of all the ordinary branches of science.” Thomas Jefferson This Final Examination is different in very few respects from the hour exams with which you are all too familiar. However, there is choice. PLEASE do not do all the questions. ANSWER QUESTIONS 9 AND 10 ANSWER ONE QUESTION FROM EACH OF GROUPS 1, 2, 3, AND 4. ANSWER ONE OTHER QUESTION THUS, YOU MUST DO ONLY SEVEN QUESTIONS OF THE TEN SUPPLIED Should you ignore this instruction, we will grade ALL the questions and take an appropriate fraction of the score. We will not, repeat not , take the 7 best nor will we be responsive to pleas that some feeble answer should be ignored because you did not mean to have it graded. The price of choice is that you must be careful and clear about what you want graded and what you want ignored. You must do Questions 9 and 10, and you must do a total of seven (7) Questions, with at least one question from each of Groups 1--->4, and both questions from Group 5. This exam is designed to take 2 hours but you may have a full period of 3 hours. Please take some time at the end to fill out the evaluation forms, which are to be handed in with the exams themselves. We will allow 30 minutes for the evaluations, so the whole process will be over at 5 pm. The questions are weighted equally. At the start, it is almost certainly worth some time to look over the whole exam, to sort the easy from the more challenging and the familiar from the strange. Do the easy questions first. THINK "SIMPLE." PLEASE : 1. Email us your intentions regarding Chemistry 302X or write a note on the cover of your exam book. If you are taking 302X, we need your email address. PLEASE DO THIS - we will not return your final examination until we hear from you one way or the other. 2. Fill out the evaluation forms. 3. Show on the cover what questions are to be graded. DO THIS! Each year people do not do this. Please do it. 4. Sign the pledge: "I pledge that I have not violated the Honour Code on this examination."
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GROUP 1 - DO AT LEAST ONE OF THESE TWO QUESTIONS 1. Norbornene is compound 1 . One can imagine replacing one hydrogen of 1 to produce several possible alcohols. 1
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Final-06.cwk - Chemistry 301X Final Examination If you are...

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