Physics, Lab 2 - Joshua Budhu Physics Lab Section 016...

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Joshua Budhu Physics Lab Section 016 Partner: Raymond Zhao Expriment: Motion 2 Date Performed: 9/18/08 Date Due: 9/25/08
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1) Objective: Our objective in this lab is to study the relationships between acceleration, velocity, position and time. By studying the relationships we can verify the relationships between Newton’s laws of motion. 2) Description: The apparatus that we are using is composed of an air track, two gliders of different sizes, a meter stick, the motion sensor, two blocks of wood to change the angles and the physics lab software. 3) Theory: Velocity is defined as the derivative of the position function and acceleration is defined as the second derivative of the position function. In accordance with the experiment Newton’s second law would also be prevalent, with the acceleration of the glider = g (sinθ) 4) Procedure and Lab Questions Answered: We first measured the distance between the single supporting screw at one end of the air track and the line formed by the two supporting screws at the other end of the air track. We then measured the widths of the two wooden blocks and raised the air track with the
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Physics, Lab 2 - Joshua Budhu Physics Lab Section 016...

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