Physics, Lab 5 - Physics Lab#5 Joshua Budhu Centripetal...

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Physics Lab #5 Joshua Budhu Centripetal Force Partner: Raymond Zhao Lab Performed: 10/9/08 Date Due: 10/23/08
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Objective: The objective in this experiment was to test the “centrifugal force” of an object, using observation and experiment to verify Newton’s second law and to observe the relative angular velocities of an object. Description: In this experiment we used an apparatus that contains a horizontal base with a vertical shaft. On the vertical shaft a horizontal arm which an attached movable slider and counterweight formed the remainder of the bulk of the apparatus. The smaller parts also included the spring near the middle of the shaft and a pulley system near to the spring. Theory: Our theory in this experiment will be that the experiment directly corresponds and verifies the equation F(c) = mr ω². Procedure: In this experiment we adjusted the pointers to align them correctly, in the first procedure, to about halfway between the two extreme radial positions. We then adjusted the tension and rotated the shaft to correspond to the correct positions that were marked
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Physics, Lab 5 - Physics Lab#5 Joshua Budhu Centripetal...

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