Physics, Lab 8 - Physics Lab 8 Conservation of Energy...

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Physics Lab 8 Conservation of Energy Joshua Budhu Lab Partner: Raymond Zhao Date Performed: 11/6/08 Date Due: 11/13/08
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Objective : Our objective in this experiment is to test the law of conservation of energy. The total energy of a simple mechanical system is the sum of the potential and kinetic energies. In the absence of friction, if potential or kinetic energy changes, there sum must still equal to the total energy. In this experiment we will observe if this holds true. Description : In this lab we used both the motion sensor and the photogate sensor to measure the velocities and relative motion of our objects. We used a rubber cylinder and a paper cylinder in conjunction with the photogate sensor and we used a spring and 100 g mass with the motion sensor. In the middle of it all are the rods and clamps that make up the rest of the apparatus. This is what we use to measure and hold up the sensors with. We also measured the “roundness” of objects with the calipers, comparing the discrepancies to the average diameter of each object. Theory: There are many different equations related to this experiment, with most of them pertaining to energy and the conservation of energy. Using the work-energy theory we can simplify the velocity and force of an object to a derivative. For section 3, we use the equation for gravitational potential energy. Using that solve for v, which is equal to (2 gh )^(1/2). For section 4, the velocity is given by the same function because of gravitational potential energy. For section 5, our theory now combines the equation for
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Physics, Lab 8 - Physics Lab 8 Conservation of Energy...

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